Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kina Kouture Store

Owners Bert and Jeanne Halle opened there store in 2007 to inject a strong dose of couture fashion and eclectic style into the Tampa Bay area. For years I would walk through many stores and boutiques looking for a gift to buy my wife. Feeling let down when I could not find anything that I knew was going to express her personality and style. If I did find something it was usually one item that stood out. I always thought that if I owned a clothing store it would be full of those items that stand out.

Bert Halle

Our website is


  1. I just adore your clothing. My introduction came at the Wearable Art Show a few years ago and since then I just can't get enough. When I work out or deny myself something fabulous to eat, I think - soon I will be able to wear Kina Kouture.
    Here are some photos from that night.

  2. best with ur blog - u and ur wife will have a great time as u continue to update, V.

  3. Ok I am new to this site somehow I am following myself LOL!!